Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm afraid that, with the wedding coming up in less than two weeks, my posting schedule will be spotty, at best. I do promise to continue posting (and on schedule again in a couple weeks...).


Amid the hectic manna grass,
abundant clump and crest
arranged about in knotty mass
and fitfully at rest,
I found a bearing for my heart,
your undistinguished guest;

you set before my idle start
a door, however small,
a portal clad in quiet art
but opulent in sprawl,
and so endowed my residence;
so unalike the small

and simple hovel, purchased, pence
and pieces, in my youth;
how could this effortless expense
be ample trade, in truth,
for such a fortune, such a lass
as loved a man uncouth.

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