Saturday, September 29, 2007

Bring My Love Back to Me

This is one of my favorites, though not necessarily because it has any underlying significance. I just enjoy the cadence and imagery. The beach? It is definitely not on the East Coast. Most likely, it's somewhere in Southern California. And the girl? I'll leave that one open.

Bring My Love Back to Me

I drew us a day
in the sand on the beach,
up above where the waves
of the white waters reach.

And I thought we were safe,
in the grass and the spray,
with the clouds up above
keeping watch as we lay.

Then the wind, like a thief,
came and blew you away,
and so suddenly it
was the end of the day.

And I looked all around,
but the sand was wiped clean.
Not a mark there remained
to show where we had been.

So I sit and I wait
in the sand by the sea,
as I sing to the wind,
bring my love back to me.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Legacy

The days are getting shorter, and the poems, too.

A Legacy

Our words are weak as porcelain;
they linger lightly on our breath
and last no longer than the wind
that parts our lips upon our death.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Ode to a Martini

This inaugural post will kick off with a poem dedicated to two very dear friends, which, I think, captures perfectly the slightly old-fashioned, slightly British, and slightly decadent spirit that this poetry blog will attempt to maintain throughout its meteoric existence. It was written after the serendipitous discovery of that pillar of Western literature, 'A Drink with Something in It' by Ogden Nash. If you do not like your martini drier than dust, a la Winston Churchill, this poem, and indeed this blog, may not be for you.

Ode to a Martini

Oh verdant gin martini,
as dry as British wit,
a paragon of pleasure,
with grace in form and fit.

What villainy to taint you
and hide your heady truth,
to burden so with baseness
of common dry vermouth.

And onions, too, dishonor,
so only one may do:
a single, humble olive,
or rather, make that two.