Monday, May 2, 2011

By the Sea

I realized, today, that it has been close on a year since I have been to the ocean. This is clearly a situation that must be remedied. Not, however, in the next three weeks. Life is far too busy now. Thus, when I go again, it will be as a married man.

By the Sea

Roll me a wave
in the amethyst sea,
where a watery grave
sets the sailors free,

and the anchorless dross
of uncountable craft
make a bearing across
the pelagiac draught;

where the ambergris spins
in unceasing pavane
and the current begins
to unravel again,

while the surf and the swell
seem to call from the shore
and I wonder to tell
that they wait at my door.

1 comment:

random tangerine said...

Your post is past due, sir. I wonder you can tread upon my benevolence so capriciously.

We'll go to the sea, as soon as it's legal for two.